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Watch Steve Bannon Dance Circles Around Bill Maher In Two Minutes


Steve Bannon categorically dog-walked Bill Maher on his own show during last night’s episode of Real Time.

The HBO host kicked things off by admitting that President Trump had his “best week ever” after his acquittal in the Senate while his approval rating hit an all-time high, and ended the interview telling Bannon he wished the left had someone “as evil as you.”

Throughout the interview, Bannon easily deflected Maher’s trademark sniping – only to turn the tables and dominate the discussion.



The two covered a lot of ground, including impeachment, the just-fired Vindman twins, and Crossfire Hurricane.

Bannon’s performance and Maher’s failure to effectively push back infuriated liberals. The Daily Beast‘s Marlow Stern writes:

They agreed that Trump will “run the table” and be re-elected, and that the Democrats are incredibly “arrogant,” and that Hillary “should have gone to Wisconsin,” but lightly tussled over the merits of the Electoral College.

And Bannon, playing three-dimensional chess, admitted that he likes Bernie because he’s a “populist,” and that Bernie’s been “screwed by the Democratic Party,” to which Maher politely agreed. The two then shared some laughs going at it over the debt, discussed the silly names Trump’s called Bannon (he deflected once more), and then Maher allowed Bannon to deliver his closing statement, uninterrupted, before remarking, “I wish we had someone on our side as evil as you, Steve.” Pathetic.

Daily Beast


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