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Here’s Which States Are Feeling Coronavirus Job Losses the Hardest

HIALEAH, FLORIDA - APRIL 08: An unemployment application is seen in a box as City of Hialeah employees hand them out to people in front of the John F. Kennedy Library on April 08, 2020 in Hialeah, Florida. The city is distributing the printed unemployment forms to residents as people continue to have issues with access to the state of Florida’s unemployment website in the midst of widespread layoffs due to businesses closing during the coronavirus pandemic. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

The workforces in Michigan and Pennsylvania have the highest rates of unemployment claims of any large state in the country, according to CNBC.

Specifically, 21% of workers in Michigan and 20% in Pennsylvania have sought out unemployment relief, giving them the highest unemployment application rates among big states. In all, one million workers filed for unemployment in Michigan compared to 1.3 million in Pennsylvania, since March 14.

Since March 14, 22.3 million people throughout the country have filed for unemployment benefits, but the application rates vary widely state-to-state.

California workers account for the largest total number of unemployment filings with 2.8 million. Overall, 15% of workers in the Golden State have filed for benefits.

New York state, which has been the hardest hit by coronavirus, has accepted 1.2 million claims, making up 13% of its workforce.

Conversely, only one out of 16 workers in Florida and one out of 14 in Texas have applied for benefits. That accounts for 479,000 claims and 1 million claims, respectively.

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