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China’s State-Run Media Claims COVID “Data Revision” Is “Common International Practice”


Authored by Jennie Taer via SaraACarter.com,

China’s State-run news channel CGTN issued a “fact check” Monday claiming that the coronavirus “data revision in Wuhan” is “common international practice.”

The Chinese government, however, according to U.S. officials, has withheld key information from the world about the virus from the start and the numbers released by the CCP are not trusted.

“Wuhan’s move is a testimony of #China’s open, transparent and responsible attitude,” CGTN wrote in a tweet on Monday regarding the so-called “fact check”

In recent days, the Trump administration has increased the pressure on China to promote transparency as the virus infects millions of people across the globe.

“China hid the virus from the world behind the shield of the World Health Organization,” White House trade adviser Peter Navarro told Fox Business over the weekend.

In late March, several U.S. Intelligence officials concluded, in a classified report submitted to the White House, that China was lying about their numbers of cases and deaths, Bloomberg first reported. At that same time, China claimed the virus was under control, but images began circulating social media showing thousands of urns being distributed across Wuhan signaling that the death count was far higher than what was being reported by the government.

The U.S. intelligence community also warned that the first cases of the virus could have been seen in China as early as November, which was months before the Chinese government alerted the international community to the novel coronavirus, according to an ABC News Exclusive.

When the virus began, US officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention were barred from entering the country. Later, in mid-March, our journalists were expelled from the country.

Inside China, doctors and citizen journalists who warned of the virus and its severity were silenced and disappeared.

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