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Cuomo Shreds de Blasio for Failing to Protect NYC From Rioters, Hints he Might Replace and Take Over


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo just shredded New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio saying he failed to protect the city and that he and the NYPD failed to do their job. Cuomo also hinted that if things did not improve quickly he could replace they mayor and take control himself.

A clearly frustrated Cuomo called on de Blasio to use the 38,000 men and women of the NYPD to stop the riots. Cuomo said the NYPD has stopped riots in the past and can do so again.

The governor also called out Cuomo for refusing his offer to call in the national guard and said he did not force the issue because having two disparate forces that did not coordinate their actions would be a recipe for disaster and further chaos.

Nick Reisman, a New York state politics reporter for Spectrum News tweeted the following regarding Cuomo’s presser:

Can you imagine what would happen if Cuomo actually followed through and replaced de Blasio in New York City? Which leftist would the media support?

Cuomo is clearly right about de Blasio, but both Democrats are disgraceful.

President Trump needs to step in and federalize the national guard and stop the looting and violence.

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