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Pompeo Trolls China By Posing With ‘Dissident’ Tiananmen Survivors


US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo conducted a five star trolling of China Tuesday by posting a picture of himself meeting with with Tiananmen Square survivors and pro-Democracy activists.

A day before the 31st anniversary of the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, Pompeo noted that the government in Hong Kong will not allow an annual vigil to go ahead.

“It starts; so soon,” Pompeo tweeted. “For the first time in 30 years, Hong Kong authorities denied permission to hold the Tiananmen Vigil. If there is any doubt about Beijing’s intent, it is to deny Hong Kongers a voice and a choice, making them the same as mainlanders. So much for two systems.”

Hong Kong authorities are using the excuse of the coronavirus to deny any gathering.

Pompeo was pictured with Wang Dan, Su Xiaokang, Liane Lee, and Henry Li – four Tiananmen Square protesters.

Chinese nationals have no way of learning about Anti-Communist Party protests and the Tiananmen Square massacre inside their own country.

The only way they can learn about it is by visiting other countries and reading:

The CCP system is so insidious that even those doing the censoring have to learn in secret about what really happened so they know what to censor for their fellow citizens:

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