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“Don’t Treat Africans Like Kids” – Black Twitter Erupts At Democrats’ Anti-Police Bill Stunt


In their latest absurd showing of “solidarity” with the Black Lives Matter movement, Nancy Pelosi and a host of Democratic lawmakers took a knee and – get this – donned traditional African garb during a press briefing where they unveiled their new ‘police reform’ bill that the White House has already said has no chance of passing.

The Justice in Policing Act of 2020, which Pelosi stressed was drawn up by the Congressional Black Caucus, calls for the introduction of a handful of measures aimed at stomping out police brutality and holding rogue officers accountable. Though the full text of the bill has yet to be revealed (despite promises to release it on Monday) Pelosi claimed it will end officers’ immunity from civil lawsuits, create a federal database of police misconduct, deny funding for departments that allow certain tactics like chokeholds, require body cameras for all officers in the field, and adopt racial bias training, while restricting “weapons transfers”.

Additionally, the bill would require officers who use force against civilians to fill out detailed reports (the dreaded paperwork), and lower the bar for prosecuting officers who break the law.

Pelosi & Co capped off their performance by kneeling in silence for 8 minutes and 46 seconds, the amount of time Floyd was on the ground in police custody.

Almost immediately after the ceremony finished, Republican commentators demanded to see its full text, while hammering the venerable Democrat for her Kente-cloth outfit and tone-deaf virtue-signaling theatrics that turned the dial up to “11” on the tone-deaf scale. Meanwhile, Democratic nominee Joe Biden just publicly broke with BLM’s demands to “abolish the police.”

On the other side of the aisle, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (is planning to determine “what if anything is appropriate” for Congress to do to address the issue of systemic police misconduct.

However, as with so many grandstanding virtue-signaling efforts have in the past, this stunt backfired as ‘black Twitter’ erupted

Author Obianuju Ekeocha posted a video demanding Democrats stop “virtue signalling” by wearing African cloth in the Capitol.

“Excuse me, Democrats,” she continued.

“Don’t treat Africans like we’re children. These fabrics and these colorful things that we have within our culture and tradition, they all mean something to us. I know you look at us and you say, ‘Oh, Africans are so cute in all of your colorful dresses.’ Well, some of those dresses and patterns and colors and fabrics actually do mean something to us.”

Ekeocha went on to ask why Democrats were using the cloth for their “own show of non-racism.

Charlie Kirk wondered, how come, when normal people wear tribal outfits, it’s “cultural appropriation”, but when Democrats do it as a cynical political ploy, it’s somehow noble.

Meanwhile, as another user pointed out, the kente cloth Pelosi is wearing was probably made in China.

Black Democrats also slammed Pelosi over the ‘insensitive’ stunt.

The WaPo editor who asked twitter users to venmo her money for all the hard work she’s doing to expose systemic racism also clapped back.

As did several other black journalists.

Why is this so wrong? An anonymous twitter account offers a hint.

The transparent, virtue-signaling stunt is a staple of the Pelosi playbook

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