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Video: Black Men Shoot White Man With Fireworks


A video out of southwest Baltimore shows a group of black men swarming a vehicle where a white man is sitting, before blasting it with a Roman Candle-type firework.

WARNING: Some viewers may find this disturbing.

The disturbing footage which emerged Thursday on social media shows the white man quickly get out of the car shirtless, as the group of black men continue to fire flaming balls at him.

The shirtless man attempts to block the pyrotechnic blasts with his hands.

WBALTV11 News in Maryland reported the incident as “people shooting fireworks at one another,” and said it’s the result of “overnight illegal firework displays.”

On Twitter, it was reported as “Another isolated incident that has nothing to do with race.”

The attack comes in the wake of another high profile firework attack on a homeless person who slept on a New York City sidewalk.

Venezuela, Cuba, Eastern Europe – toppling statues to topple civilizations. Those tearing down statues understand the value of what they represent. Do we?

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