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Seattle Police Dismantle CHOP After Protesters Threaten Mayor’s $7 Million House


The city of Seattle has finally stepped in and dismantled the anarchist CHAZ/CHOP district.

Not after six shootings and two teenage deaths, as hedge fund manager and author James Altucher notes – rather, after protesters threatened to take over Mayor Jenny Durkan’s 5,000 sqft., $7.6 million house.

Last weekend, City Councilmember Kshama Sawant led a march to Durkan’s home, where she railed against the Mayor and police brutality to a whipped-up crowd of BLM protesters.

In response to Sawant’s stunt, Durkan called for her expulsion from the City Council in an angry Tuesday letter.

The next day, the city began dismantling the outer blockades from the ‘autonomous zone,’ and on Wednesday at 5 a.m. police issued an order to disperse the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone’ (CHOP) also known as the Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP).

At least 13 protesters were arrested after failing to adhere to multiple warnings, according to Fox News.

The East Precinct, which police abandoned last month following standoffs and clashes with demonstrators, was cleared of protesters, Police Chief Carmen Best told reporters from inside CHOP. Best said police were not moving into the building yet, but would clear the area of barricades before beginning operations as soon as reasonably possible.

As officers in riot gear performed the predawn sweep to clear holdouts from the streets, police said a woman apparently went into labor on the east side of Cal Anderson Park inside the CHOP. Seattle Fire said it was responding to the scene. –Fox News

Officers enforcing today’s order are wearing a higher-level of protective gear, said Seattle PD in a statement. “Police are utilizing this equipment because individuals associated w/the CHOP are known to be armed and dangerous/may be associated with shootings, homicides, robberies, assaults & other violent crimes.”

And once again, an experiment in socialism has failed.

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