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Hilarious: The “New” Joe Biden Brutally Summed Up by 3 Cartoons


It seems like 2020 candidate former Vice President Joe Biden is coming up with a lot of “new” ideas lately.

Ideas like “buy American,” “hire American,” and much much more.

Weirdly it seems like we’ve seen a few of these ideas before but where? Who actually came up with these ideas?

Hmm, think, think, think. Wait I know. They say a picture can be worth a thousand words so…

Oh right, maybe it was President Trump who came up with the idea that promoting American industry first might be a good idea.

Especially after eight years of Obama-Biden decimated American manufacturing to the point where the former President claimed it would take a “magic wand” to bring those jobs back.

Lets take another look at the “new” Joe Biden:

Exactly right.

Joe Biden doesn’t have an original idea in his body. He just doesn’t have the intellectual brainpower to manage that.

That said, the media constantly covers for Joe Biden’s obvious lack of ability, and now mental acuity.

The media also covers up his long and sordid history as a proven liar:

In fact Biden lies and steals from other people so often he was once forced to drop out of a presidential race because of it.

Back in a day when truth actually mattered.

Watch as Joe Biden Gets Torn Apart and Humiliated By The Media For Plagiarism

Back in 1987 then Senator Joe Biden was forced out of the Presidential race after being humiliated by the media for plagiarism.

The mainstream media used to do it’s job back in the day, versus simply protecting all Democrats at all costs.

Watch as Joe Biden gets torn apart and humiliated by the media for plagiarism in 1987 in this hilarious flashback video:

Joe Biden was a goof and a liar back then and he’s a goof and a liar now.

Some things NEVER change.

Watch as Johnny Carson rips Biden to pieces over the same exact thing in this second flashback video from 1987:

Now THAT is funny and shows some things never change. Once a liar always a liar.

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