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Democrats, Media Push Dangerous Conspiracy Theory


In a sure sign that regardless of their bluster Democrats and their media allies believe Donald Trump will win re-election in November they are now pushing a dangerous new conspiracy theory claiming the President is prepping the military to steal the November election.

Here’s a “supercut” video that blows the whole sordid thing wide open:

So now all of the polls showing Biden ahead by big numbers, both nationally and in battleground states, make sense.

Their purpose is to hopefully propel Biden to an actual lead in the polls and help push the narrative that the only way Trump can win in November is by stealing the election.

What’s crystal clear is that Democrats are willing to literally burn down America, and destroy our country, if it could help them defeat Donald Trump.

They are vile despicable people, and sadly besides President Trump and a few others, the Republicans are not all that much better.

When Democrats control things they get their agenda through, when Republicans control things they form circular firing squads and get almost nothing done.

Both parties in Washington D.C. work against the interests of the American people and instead primarily work only to maintain and enrich their own power and position.

It’s why members of both parties hate Donald Trump. Both parties profit from the swamp and will fight to the death to maintain it.

It’s also why it is critical that President Trump win re-election in November. It’s the only chance the country has at the moment.

via thefederalistpapers


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