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Trump Renews Criticism of Biden’s Mental Capabilities


The president has on more than one occasion criticised his likely opponent in the presidential election for his public gaffes, using them to justify the claim that Biden is unfit to lead the country.

US President Donald Trump has gone on another Twitter tirade against presumed Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, once again questioning his mental capabilities, with less than 100 days separating them from a showdown on election day. Trump recalled Biden’s gaffe on 15 July, when he called the state of Arizona an “important city” during a speech devoted to the handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump also alleged that the “Lamestream Media” would cover up the unpleasant story, arguing that they are used to doing this kind of thing, especially when it comes to the corruption of members of the Democratic Party. POTUS didn’t stop there either, posting two more tweets, taking swipes at Biden in both of them.

Namely, he recalled Biden criticising Trump’s decision to limit the entry of Chinese citizens to the US in January, which stood in stark contrast with the recommendations of the World Health Organisation. POTUS also claimed that his 2020 campaign has “more enthusiasm” than any other in US history, including his own in 2016, while alleging that Biden’s campaign has “none”. In this light, Trump once again cast doubt that his Democratic opponent stands any chance of winning the presidency in November.

This is not the first time that President Trump has questioned Biden’s mental capabilities based on the latter’s numerous public gaffes. POTUS has urged Biden to take a cognitive test to prove him wrong, while boasting that he “aced” one recently. This didn’t stop Trump, however, from mixing weeks up, saying that Biden’s Arizona gaffe happened earlier “this week”, while, in fact, it took place on 15 July.

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