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Biden Offers No Apology For Black Community


Former Vice President Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, is showing his typical politician side.

He stuck his foot in his mouth again during an interview on Thursday in which he insinuated that the black community has a lack of diversity.

But in an effort to fix his “mistake” he penned a series of tweets hours later that was a supposed clarification of what he said.

“Earlier today, I made some comments about diversity in the African American and Latino communities that I want to clarify,” he said.

“In no way did I mean to suggest the African American community is a monolith-not by identity, not on issues, not at all,” he said.

Oh ok. Well then hear comes the clarification, because he could not possibly have meant the racist thing he said.

“Throughout my career I’ve witnessed the diversity of thought, background, and sentiment within the African American community.

“It’s this diversity that makes our workplaces, communities, and country a better place,” the former vice president said.

Ok? Well, I guess the clarification, and apology which is needed, is coming in the next tweet.

“My commitment to you is this: I will always listen, I will never stop fighting for the African American community and I will never stop fighting for a more equitable future,” he said.

Where was the clarification? Where was the apology? He said a lot of words that did not mean anything.

“Sleepy Joe Biden just lost the Black Vote. This statement is a disaster from which their is no recovery!” President Trump said in a since deleted tweet on Friday,

That is likely wishful thinking because the media is protecting Biden by barely reporting the story, but what is likely is that Biden is going to get considerably less of the black vote which could mean a win for President Trump.

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