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Black Chicagoans On BLM – “Y’all Don’t Come Out When Kids Get Shot”


A group of black community activists in Chicago confronted a group of mostly white BLM/Antifa “protesters” outside the 7th district police station on Tuesday.

The community leaders told the group, who have been looting and rioting for weeks now, to get out of their neighborhood.

A man holding a megaphone can be seen shouting at the communists, saying, “I ain’t see none of you motherfuckers when them kids got killed and shot up. I’m out here every day. Y’all don’t come out when the kids get shot. Y’all come out when it got something to do with the fucking police.”

“We out here every day watching our kids get their brains blown out with no funding, no resources,” he continued. “But you motherfuckers get all the resources and you want to come over here and disrupt our neighborhood.”

As a crowd of locals continued to grow around the protest, tension grew between the two factions.

A Chicago photojournalist who was on the scene tweeted that, per usual, Antifa “protesters” were “trying to block media cameras from documenting the arguments between the community activists and protesters.”

As crime continues to skyrocket in the Democrat-run city, locals are becoming increasingly disgruntled with their failed leadership.

via infowars


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