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Oregon Police Clash With ICE Agents After They Arrest Two Violent Criminals


The state of Oregon and its cities like Portland have been defying federal authority for months, if not longer. Now police in one of its cities have decided not only to ignore federal law, but are openly siding with rioters against federal agents who are attempting to apprehend criminals.

When federal agents in Bend, Oregon, clashed with hundreds of rioters late Wednesday night after a long standoff motivated by the arrest of two men by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers (whom ICE said were a “threat to the public”), Bend Police took the side of rioters and worked with them to thwart law enforcement efforts. The feds, naturally then, keep them in the dark.

Chief Krantz Statement:

“The Bend Police are not involved with ICE operations,” the Bend Police statement said. “We do not use funds or personnel or equipment to enforce federal immigration laws or to detain people based on immigration status…We are on scene to allow free speech and a peaceful area to assemble and to provide life safety support.”

There was vandalism, threats of violence, and an attempt to impede federal officers in their duties. But the Bend Police term that “peaceful” and an exercise in “free speech.”

This kind of action by local police departments must be forcefully terminated or the charade must end and, as has been called for in this other publications, Oregon and the rest of the West Coast must one way or another leave the United States, given they no longer will abide by federal laws.

“We want to ensure community members present are safe,” the Bend Police department said in a statement Wednesday evening, telling rioters that federal agents were heading to the area to disperse the crowd. “Please move to sidewalks, or leave the area.” In this instance the Bend Police Department acted as an intel warning system for the rioters.

Acting DHS Deputy Secretary Ken Cucinelli reacted to the local provocation:

“The law enforcement activity in Bend, Oregon is part of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s mission to arrest criminal aliens presenting a danger to public safety and take them off the street. The two individuals arrested each had a history of criminal violent behavior…

While ICE respects the rights of people to voice their opinion peacefully, that does not include illegally interfering with their federal law enforcement duties. ICE will take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of its officers and detainees, and will vigorously pursue prosecution against anyone who puts them in harm’s way.”

Bend Mayor Sally Russell commented that she doesn’t support ICE, saying, “I am very worried for everyone in our community, and especially our Latin community. ICE is a Federal agency and frustratingly we have no power over the Executive Branch of our country.”

So, she thinks local governments should have power over a federal agency. Not exactly a MENSA member, Mayor Russell. By the way Sally, you do have that power. It’s called a vote.

As this kind of thing spreads it must be closed down at every opportunity. If not, as said above, let’s just be politically done with Oregon and the whole bloody West Coast ilk. We share little in common with them anymore. Let’s make it official.

via thepoliticalinsider


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