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Chicago Mayor does nothing to stop RIOTS and CRIME … Except in HER neighborhood


Chicago, like so many major Democrat-controlled cities, has been the site of chaos and destruction for months now, besieged and attacked by BLM and Antifa riots.

The looting is bad everywhere, but particularly in Chicago, where the images of looting and destruction were so rampant and widespread that even the regular press had no choice but to mention it — but not very critically.

The Democrat mayor, Lori Lightfoot, hasn’t done much about it either way. She defended the actions of the police, getting herself a big does of liberal backlash. And she hasn’t made any effort to defund the police department yet, for which BLM has condemned her. But she doesn’t do anything about the rioting either. It’s mostly been a free-for-all in the Windy City.

This past weekend was particularly bad, with two dozen arrests, and 17 police officers injured.

That’s to say nothing of the ongoing and not interrupted by riots murder spree on the streets of Chicago – Chi-raq as Spike Lee called it – for years now.

Just yesterday, more than 20 people, including a nine-year-old boy, were shot in the Second City.

They pull up the drawbridges at night to keep the rioters and looters out of the wealthiest parts of town and let the rest go to hell.

Well not ALL the rest. Not Mayor Lightfoot’s neighborhood. The Tribune reports:

The Chicago Police Department has effectively banned protesters from demonstrating on Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s block in the Logan Square neighborhood, ordering officers to arrest anyone who refuses to leave, the Tribune has learned.

The directive surfaced in a July email from then-Shakespeare District Commander Melvin Roman to officers under his command. It did not distinguish between the peaceful protesters Lightfoot regularly says she supports and those who might intend to be destructive, but ordered that after a warning is given to demonstrators, “It should be locked down.”

So apparently she is able to take actions as the mayor. Not for the whole city, which she ignores, but for her own little block of happiness. They call it “Fort Lori.” And she’s defending it today.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot defended the Chicago Police Department’s ban on protesters being able to demonstrate on the block where she lives, telling reporters Thursday that she and her family at times require heightened security because of threats she receives daily.

Lightfoot refused to elaborate on the specific threats, but said she receives them daily against herself, her wife and her home. Comparisons to how the Police Department has protected previous mayors’ homes, such as Rahm Emanuel’s Ravenswood residence, are unfair because “this is a different time like no other,” Lightfoot told reporters.

“I have a right to make sure that my home is secure,” Lightfoot said.

Oh it’s a different time? You have a right to protect your home?

Here’s how the rest of the city looks. What about their rights???

If there’s even been a more prime example of how Democrats see themselves and the rest of the world I can hardly imagine it. Maybe Al Gore living in a mansion using enough electricity for a town?

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