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Rush Limbaugh: Desperate Barack Obama fighting for himself


Official portrait of Barack Obama unveiled in February 2018

Former President Barack Obama’s speech Wednesday night endorsing Joe Biden at the Democratic National Convention was more about self-preservation than about his former vice president, Rush Limbaugh told his listeners Thursday.

The talk-radio host called the speech “childlishly personal.”

“Barack Obama in that speech last night was fighting for himself,” he said. “If Trump wins in November, the investigations will go on. The investigations will go on. They will disclose the treachery that Obama engaged in in trying to destroy Michael Flynn. … They will disclose the treachery that Obama authorized to protect Hillary Clinton with Comey running interference and with the setup of Trump and the spying of Trump,” he said.

The Justice Department’s criminal investigation of the Obama administration’s probe of now-debunked Trump-Russia collusion, which included the use of a bogus dossier to obtain spy warrants, produced its first indictment this week.

Limbaugh said Obama knows “full well” what’s at stake.

“If Biden wins, Obama knows he’s off the hook. He’s desperate, and you could tell it. He was so personal with his hatred for Trump – and let me tell you, there’s a lot of jealousy. Because Trump, in three years, took this country to places Obama told everybody we couldn’t go anymore,” the talk host said.

“‘We just can’t do it. America’s best days are behind us,’ and do not argue with me on this. He did say those words! He over time, time and again – not just him, members of his administration were trying to set us all up. ‘Look, America’s best days may be behind us. Ehhhh, you know, we have a new era of decline. Lower your expectations.’”

Limbaugh said the downturn under Obama was “done on purpose to try to achieve global government.”

He noted the “commentariat” has been praising Obama’s speech.

“Everybody thinks this guy comes with the sharpest crease in his slacks, and this guy is smarter than anybody in the room. He’s gonna deign to be with us even though we don’t even deserve to be seen in the same light as Barack Obama,” Limbaugh said. “And then he comes and delivers that sidewinder that just seems childishly personal.”

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