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Scenario Shows How Nancy Pelosi Could Become President


There have been rumors swirling for months about a scenario that could lead to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi being President of the United States, but Democrats have insisted that they are conspiracy theories.

They have claimed that Republicans are using the scenario to fight against mail-in voting and that they have no basis in fact, but the truth is that they do.

Fox News analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano explained on “Varney * Co.” on Thursday how Pelosi could become the interim president.

He said that “It could be right” that the California representative would be president if a new president was not chosen in time.

“President Trump’s term ends at precisely noon on Jan. 20, 2021, Napolitano said to host Stuart Varney.

“If the Electoral College has not yet named a successor, presumably either Donald Trump or Joe Biden, then whoever is the speaker of the House would become the acting president of the United States,” he said.

“If the Democrats retain their majority in the House, and it appears likely that they will, but if they do, and if they choose Mrs. Pelosi, knowing at that point that they’re choosing the president of the United States, then it would be she,” he said.

He explained that the Democrats would also be free to pick someone else, or Republicans could if they flipped the House, which is unlikely.

“Stated simply,” he said, “whoever is the sitting speaker of the United States, would become president at noon on Jan. 20, 2021, if the Electoral College has failed to elect someone.”

He also said that if the Electoral College is not able to elect a successor the House of Representatives could choose the next president.

It would not happen by a majority vote but by a vote where each state delegation cast a vote for a president that does not necessarily have to reflect their state’s election results.

And whoever won the majority of 26 states would become the sitting President of the United States until the next inauguration is 2025.

“That has happened,” he said. “That’s how Thomas Jefferson was elected the first time around in 1800.”

To some, like Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton, it appears that Pelosi and the Democrats are intentionally setting up an election crisis not only to steal the election but steal the presidency if Plan A fails.

If people can stand in line at a WalMart, protest in large groups or attend other events as the coronavirus numbers become better, why can they not vote in person?

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