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Democrats intend to create chaos if Joe doesn’t win


Over the past week you may have noticed a shift in media coverage of the 2020 presidential election. There are still plenty of fake polls showing Joe Biden and Democrats with absurd leads based on samples with ridiculous Democratic over-representation. There are still fake-news talking heads in major media cheerleading for Team Biden, assuring Democratic voters he and Kamala Harris are on a solid path to victory and heaping ridicule and abuse on President Trump and his voters. Something else is developing, though.

There is a growing discussion on the left of how the election will not be decided on Election Day, Nov. 3.

Liberal commentators, celebrities and media are increasingly floating the idea that the election will not be decided for days or weeks after the general election due to mailed ballots and absentee voting. There has also been a dramatic shift in reported polling, with polls normally trumpeting massive Democratic leads now reporting a closer race nationally and in battleground states.

It amounts to a tacit admission that Trump’s momentum is enormous and the Republican base is unified and growing. Media are grudgingly admitting this because they simply cannot continue reporting obviously ridiculous fake poll results only to be exposed as total frauds on Election Day, as happened in 2016.

Like “Baghdad Bob” in 2003, liberal major media have become a punchline for election coverage Americans can see with our own eyes is not true. The dramatic contrast between the excitement and attendance at Trump rallies, and public events of Biden or his proxies, is only one example. On many levels it seems to be a replay of the 2016 contest.

Indeed, the Biden campaign is eerily similar to Hillary’s. In spite of a significant primary challenge from Bernie Sanders, both Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden were seen as the party favorites, and a path was cleared for their nomination after early struggles. Once nominated, both Hillary and Biden largely stayed out of the public eye, limiting campaign events and using proxies to promote their candidacies. Both enjoyed seemingly insurmountable leads in polling and awkward staged moments when they did come out to campaign.

Both campaigns relied on demonizing voters (Hillary famously calling Trump voters “deplorables,” Biden surrogates accusing them of being “white supremacists”). Democrats have also returned to the 2016 claim that President Trump will refuse to accept the election results, with the added twist this year that he will refuse to leave the White House when he is defeated.

The latter has developed into its own strange mythology on the left, with fantastical discussions on social media and cable news shows about how Democrats will use the U.S. military to physically breach the White House and eject President Trump by force to usher in a new Democratic president.

Over the past several days, though, the discussion has shifted from Biden’s electoral triumph and how Democrats will enforce their resounding victory on a sitting president refusing to concede defeat, to how to salvage a Biden win after losing on Election Day. Last week, Hillary Clinton strangely said, “Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances.”

Commentators have argued it may appear President Trump wins on Election Day after in-person voting, but mail-in ballots expected to be heavily in favor of Biden may take days or weeks to count. Earlier this summer, Democrats war-gamed their options for thwarting a Trump election victory by interfering in the Electoral College process to overturn electors or otherwise change the results. Other pundits discuss ways Democrats can maneuver and delay long enough for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to assume the presidency pursuant to the Constitution.

Democrats’ contingency plans for contesting the election results, combined with polls showing a Trump surge, reveal that the left does not believe they can win in November. In that case, liberals are preparing to do to the U.S. presidential election what Democratic leaders have done to their cities and states this year: Create chaos.

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