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BLM Mob Back Out in the Streets of Washington DC – Threaten Reporters for Filmin


Independent journalist Jacob Engels the publisher of the Central Florida Post was out having dinner tonight in Washington DC when Black Lives Matter came marching by.

Black Lives Matter protesters were out on the streets of Washington DC harassing people.

Jacob offered this exclusive from DC:

As I was enjoying a nice evening on the balcony of my hotel room in DC, I heard Black Lives Matter and Antifa harassing diners with chants of “F*ck The Police”, “As You Dine Black People Die”, “Whose City? Our City!” and other violent and anti-law enforcement chants.

I rushed down to record and the mob quickly approached myself and another gentlemen demanding that we stop recording, according to their rules. I refused to do so and a maskless Antifa mob member began shoving her skateboard in my face as I repeatedly identified myself as a journalist. Another person approached me frothing at the mouth. Given the way these domestic terrorists have used skateboards, umbrellas, and otherwise innocuous objects to bloody innocent people in the past, it was frightening and chilling. They would have attempted to follow me back to the hotel if the back end of DC police monitoring the event hadn’t appeared. They obviously realized they would be busted.

The mob rules as Democrats like Joe Biden and their counterparts in local government continue to allow this harassment and terror.

This is frightening.

via thegatewaypundit


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