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A Biden Talk Show Appearance Confirms That His Candidacy Is a Total Scam


For months now, people have been wondering whether all of Biden’s appearances, including the easy ones, are scripted. Now we know the truth.

For the Biden campaign, the Wuhan virus has been a benefit. It’s allowed Biden to conduct his interviews from the safety of his own home. Because there are no public appearances, his campaign can keep secret whether Biden relies on a teleprompter for even friendly, casual interviews. Videos of Biden’s slip-ups suggested that he was using a teleprompter, but the campaign wasn’t talking. Now, though, a sharp-eyed viewer looking at footage of Biden talking to James Corden believes he’s exposed Biden’s secret: Even for friendly, inconsequential interviews, Biden and his interlocutors have a script.

What’s new in the 2020 election, as opposed to 1988 or 2008, is Biden’s cognitive decline. Although his campaign and the mainstream media are denying it, it’s obvious to everyone. Several times, people have suspected that, during allegedly spontaneous question and answer sessions, he’s actually relying on a teleprompter:

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