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Photos Show Bernie Sanders’ Rally for Joe Biden Was a Complete Flop


Some say there is an enthusiasm gap between the two candidates in the 2020 presidential election, but comparing their campaigns shows the difference is roughly the span of the Grand Canyon.

President Donald Trump has been packing venues with thousands of revelers at his rallies while supporters hold their own parades to show their support for his re-election.

His Democratic opponent, on the other hand, drew fewer spectators than the average rubberneckers gawking at a car accident during rush hour traffic at his New Hampshire campaign event Saturday hosted by progressive Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Sanders, Biden’s opponent and the front-runner to become the Democratic nominee before being overtaken by Biden in April, “is working as hard as he can to help Joe Biden win the most important election in modern American history,” Sanders’ former campaign manager Faiz Shakir told The Hill.

Laura O’Neill, state director for the Biden for President campaign, tweeted photos she captioned as “a socially distanced #VoteNow rally in Lebanon, NH.”

The crowd — if one can even call it that — consisted of a couple dozen people in camping chairs, spaced the requisite six-plus feet apart ostensibly for proper social distancing.

The total number looked pretty much the same from multiple angles as they sat in their tidy little squares.

And even from further back, it still looked more like an outdoor free folk music festival than the raucous campaign rally it should be little more than a month away from an election.

They applauded when Sanders, who had considerably more enthusiasm at his own rallies before selling out his communist views in favor of the only slightly more moderate Biden/Harris leftist agenda, took the stage to address the handful of attendees.

Meanwhile, a single close-up photo of Trump’s stop in the state several weeks ago showed considerably more attendees just near the stage.

“Hundreds of vehicles are traveling from Plymouth, Mass., to Nashua, N.H., as part of a rolling rally in support of President Donald Trump and his reelection campaign,” read a tweet from WCVB-TV showing a caravan to support the president in New Hampshire.

Maybe it was because the candidate wasn’t actually in attendance, right? Well, Donald Trump Jr., the president’s eldest son, drew more of a crowd in Omaha, Nebraska, last month than Sanders’ more recent lawn party.

The president’s second-born son, Eric Trump, also holds his own in comparison to the sad Sanders rally for Biden.

It seems that even a dead whale on a train car would draw more crowds than anything happening with the Biden/Harris campaign at this point.

The problem is that even those who supposedly support the former vice president and his sideshow of a running mate, Democratic California Sen. Kamala Harris, aren’t excited at the prospect of their administration.

They’re just interested in voting Trump out of office after four years of hysteria about him being a Russian puppet or a white supremacist, and the establishment media believes they will succeed.

The only way to know for sure whether the enthusiasm gap translates into a voting chasm that swallows Biden/Harris for good is once the votes are tallied and results certified.

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